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Where are the shoes being shipped from? 
What happens if Customs holds my package? 
Can I pay with my credit card?  
What if I don't receive my order within the promised time period? 
Can I order a pair of shoes as samples?  
Do I send the payment in first or pay with COD? 
Do you have half sizes or could you put in a custom order for larger/smaller sizes? 
Do you have this style or color? 
How long to shipping takes? 
Will I receive the product in the photo? 
Do your shoes run small? 
I didn't receive my invoice or other emails? 
Is cnshopzone.com legit? 
How do you combat against fraud? 
I made a mistake on my order, how do I change it?  
How do I return an item? 
Why cnshopzone.com sell shoes that is not in stock? 
What if my shoes is out of stock or my size is not in stock? 
Where are the shoes being shipped from?
Our shoes are shipped directly from factory outside of united states.
How long will it take to receive my order?
On average, it takes 2 business day for order to get process and any other 5-10 business days to receive your order. Some items will arrive soon and some may arrive a little later. Please be patient.  Please note that business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, and regulatory holidays
What happens if Customs holds my package?
Resend all your lose package FREE !!! we will compensate for the loss if you can't get the items.no matter what reason it is. A situation like that very rarely happens so customers should feel very comfortable ordering. We always ship using the safest and most reliable methods. Please refer to US Customs website for additional information.
Can I pay with my credit card?
Yes, we currently accept Visa and Paypal .you can use the credit card to pay for the shoes ,payments will show gotrademe.com. If you want to paid with master card, etc please register with  pay pal.
What if I don't receive my order within the promised time period?
PLEASE EMAIL US! We are not here to steal anyone's money. Items are usually sent out the next day and don't usually take the full amount of time we promise. Also keep in mind that mail might take a few extra time around any major holidays. If you haven't received your item within 7-15 business days please make sure you e-mail our customer support team so we can straighten out the issue immediately.
Can I order a pair of shoes as samples? 
Yes, we accept samples orders.Ordering procedures are the same as mentioned above.Please note the additional shipping charges for order less than 8 pairs. Besides the unit price, we have to charge $20 more each pairs for shipping fee.
Do I send the payment in first or pay with COD?
We do not accept COD's your order will not be processed until we receive your payment.
Do you have half sizes or could you put in a custom order for larger/smaller sizes?
Please select the available size, then enter the size you need in the notes section of the checkout process.
Do you have this style or color?
Unfortunately All of our sizes, colors, and or styles variants we have available are all listed on the site, however please make sure you check back as we are always receiving new merchandise.
How long to shipping takes?
Once customer places order it takes 24 hours for order to process and 7 to 10 business days for product to reach your house.
Will I receive the product in the photo?
Yes, although the product may vary slightly from the photo.
Do your shoes run small?
No. Please select the regular size you normally wear. Our suppliers are trained to inspect all shoes for size and quality prior to shipment.
Is gotrademe.com legit?
Yes, were not here to rip anyone off, we maintain professional business practices and prompt customer service at all times to ensure our customers receive a smooth shopping experience.
How do you combat against fraud?
At gotrademe.com, we implement the highest level in fraud deterrent system. We verify that the billing address you enter during the checkout process matches what is on file with your credit company. We also verify the last 3 digits on the back of the card for extra security.
I made a mistake on my order, how do I change it?
Please email us with your order number so we can adjust your order. Send all emails to jdshoestore@hotmail.com
How do I return an item?
Please contact us to request a return form. Customer is responsible for shipping charges back to our facilities in an event of a return or an exchange.
Why jdshoestore sell items that is not in stock?
Once order is paid we send your order to the warehouse to get process. If your items are not in stock, warehouse will notify us and we will send you an email to replace or refund your order.? It is very difficult to know exactly what shoes is stock because of shoes inventory change every hour.? In the store once you buy a product the inventory count change by it self once you take something off the shelf. But website it is hard to change stock or not stock every few hours.
What if my shoes is out of stock or my size is not in stock?
If your shoes are out of stock we will email you to pick any pairs of shoes. If your size is not in stock ,jdshoestore will automatically send you a half size bigger, but we will never send you half size smaller.
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